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There's nothing much to say really...
Hi I'm Rayne-briy ( you could say it like 'Rain- bri' or 'Ray-Anne-bri') either way I'll answer, I was once called Simon for a year and still occasionally answer to that...
If it dosent say I'm 19, I'm what someone might say a 'normal' British girl would be like, I have the accent, the fangirl motives, but surprisingly I hate tea.....I dunno. I'm also Scottish and Welsh, which makes me "squelsh" apparently...I'm not really good with people, seeing as I'm a sociopath and all (I'll crush everyone's feel heartlessly).
This is the only time I've written about myself, as of yet, though if asked I have written fanfiction before. So I don't know what to say now, I don't know what's custom on here...I'm bisexual if that matters to anyone?...I'm in a relationship scythe moment, but I have like four/five friends, so I'll give you my snapchat if anyone has that and wants to snap me, I'm bored all the time so I'll probably's frozen-yogart , but if I change it before you have it I'll tell you (I hope).
I've waffled too much I expect for someone like me, but hey....maybe I won't be a lonely person anymore, or not, you don't have to care...

Blowing minds, life, and dicks,
Rayne-briy <3

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